31/03/21 WEB1: L’arrêt Uber de la Cour Suprême britannique/ The British Supreme Court ‘Uber’ case

Digital economy and platform workers: Understanding the British Supreme Court “Uber” case

The collaborative economy and digital platforms are now part of our everyday lives (Airbnb, Uber, Deliveroo, etc). Considered to be part of the fourth industrial revolution, they have been under the media spotlight in the past few years. Platforms are new intermediaries between consumers and providers or agents who can be private individuals, employees or ad hoc independent workers. These agents have diverse and unequal statuses and social protections which are just starting to be regulated by states (Portugal, France, California, etc) and which merit attention.

The British Supreme Court rendered the Uber BV and others (Appellants) v Aslam and others (Respondents) [2021] UKSC 5 case on 19 February 2021. This long-awaited case questions platform workers’ statuses and social protection. Our panellists will examine their situation:

  1. How has the digital economy transformed British workers’ social protection?
  2. How does platform workers’ social protection compare with other European countries?
  3. Is the Uber case a revolution?

Following opening remarks from the speakers, we will open the floor for Q&A.


  • Luke Mason – Professor, Head of School, Birmingham City University, School of Law. Author of the British Report in Isabelle Daugareilh, NUTRA Project on Social Protection of Platform Workers in European States
  • Bruno Mestre – Juiz de Direito, Judge, Portugal. Author of ‘The Metamorphoses of Legal Subordination’ (As Metamorfoses Da Subordinação Jurídica: Algumas Reflexões, Prontuário De Direito Do Trabalho, Ii, 2020: 185-223)


  • Claire Marzo – Lecturer, Dauphine London – PSL / Université Paris Est-Créteil. Coordinator of the CEPASSOC Project (N° ANR-20-CE26-001-01), https://cepassoc.hypotheses.org/

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